Pool Filter Sand in Lowes Reviews

Using a pool filter sand is one of the most affordable and efficient pool filtering that you can have in your swimming pool. Aside from being inexpensive, this type of pool filtering does not clog very often and this will save a lot of money as a pool owner.

However, you also need to replace the pool filter sand at least once every few years after using it. There are a lot of places to buy filter sand but the best place is probably at Lowes. Why buying pool filter sand in Lowes is good for the pool owners and to the swimming pool will be discussed later in the article.

What is Pool Filter Sand?

The pool filter is responsible for trapping all unwanted particles in the swimming pool such as algae, bacteria, dead bugs, and other small dirt so that it will not go inside the swimming pool. When using a sand filter, you are using the sand as the trapping mechanism to prevent all unwanted particles from entering the swimming pool.

It is said that the sand is one of the most effective pool filters that you can use in the swimming pool. In fact, the sand is also used to filter other applications such as septic water systems, wastewater treatment facilities, and our very own drinking water.

However, not all sands can be used as a pool filtering mechanism in the swimming pool. There are three types of sand to be used in a pool filter and it is listed down below:

  • Silica Sand Filter – This is the most common and probably the most effective filter sand that you can use in your swimming pool. The size, hardness, and other factors of this sand are enough to be effective in trapping unwanted particles from entering the swimming pool.
  • Glass Sand Filter – This sand filter is considered the best alternative for the pool filter sand. It also takes pride in being environmentally friendly as it is made from recycled glass particles. The glass sand particles come in different sizes the minimizes the chance of the water being unfiltered. This type of sand filter also comes with a negative charge which will enable it to capture manganese elements which are abundant with hard water.
  • Zeolite Sand Filter – This is another type of sand filter that is made from minerals coming from volcanic rocks. It is said that this sand filter is 100 times better compared to the other filter sand because it has more surface area compared to the others. This filter sand also has the ability to capture chloramines, the chemical that causes eye irritation to swimmers. This type of sand filter is useful when there is a need to shock the swimming pool regularly.

What is the Difference Between Pool Filter Sand and Sandbox Sand?

A lot of people say that using pool sand as a filter will save a lot of money for the pool owners because of its affordability. However, there are still pool owners who find it expensive and are trying to find alternatives such as the sandbox sand. This is the same play sand that we can normally see that is being played by small children.

The biggest question when using sandbox sand as a filter is its effectivity. Will it filter the same way as the regular pool filter sand? The answer to the question is definitely a big no and there are a lot of reasons for the big difference.

For one, the two type of sands are composed of totally different materials. The regular pool sands are much smaller in size and much finer compared to the play sand which means it traps particles well. Those small dirt particles in the pool water are too small but the tiny pool sand particles can trap all small dirt and filtered it away from the swimming pool.

The pool sand, meanwhile, is a lot bigger which means it can trap lesser dirt particles and other types of debris. This only means that the sandbox sand will not be as effective compared to the regular pool sand.

In terms of components, the regular pool sand contains silica, an element that has the ability to attract, trapped, and hold small particles in the pool water specifically dirt and debris. So, if you choose to use the sandbox sand which does not have silica, you will be missing its filtering capabilities and can greatly affect your pool’s overall filtration system.

To sum it up, it is not advisable to use sandbox sand as a filter to your swimming pool. It is not the same as the regular pool sand that the pool owner normally uses in the filtration system in the swimming pool. There is such a huge difference in terms of the cleaning capabilities and its effectiveness in trapping all dirt in the pool water.

Furthermore, the use of the regular pool sand will require you to replace it once every 5 to 15 years, all factors considered. With the sandbox sand, you will be changing it frequently making it more expensive even though it is more affordable in price. With that being said, it is all about you and your choice of using the best pool sand for your pool filtering system.

How Pool Filter Sand Works

It has been said a lot of times in this article that a pool filter sand is one of the most efficient pool filters that a pool owner can use in the swimming pool. But how do the pool filter sand work wonders in the pool? Let’s find out below.

  • The sand filter is so efficient in trapping water contaminants and dirt in the pool water because each of the particles of the sand is so effective in trapping all the dirt particles in the water. All these particles are so rough and usually comes in the same sizes and they have the ability to trap and captured all unwanted dirt particles in the pool water.
  • This pool filter sand will be put inside a large container and this container is either a plastic or rounded fiberglass container. Meanwhile, inside the container, a manifold will be installed and will be responsible for moving the sand so that it will face evenly to all the pool water which will enter the filter.
  • Because of the pool pump, all the pool water will go and pass by to the pool filter. The pool filter sand will then trap all the unwanted debris, dirt, and particles in the pool water which makes it dirty and cloudy.
  • Once the water is leaving the pool filter, it will be cleaned and free from contaminants and the other particles. The pool filter sand definitely plays an important role in cleaning and making the pool water free from dirt.

This is the simple but effective role of the pool filter sand in cleaning and maintaining the clarity of the pool water. It plays an important role that can make or break the quality of water in the swimming pool.

Lowes vs. Pool Stores, Why Buying Pool Filter Sand at Lowes

There are a lot of places that you can buy a pool filter sand particularly all the pool stores nearest to you. However, there are also other alternatives where you can buy high-quality sand filter and one of them is at Lowes.

The prices of pool filter sand at Lowes varies depending on a lot of several factors. The prices changes depending on the size and the quality of the pool filter sand that you choose. The higher the quality, the more expensive is the price of the filter sand.

Another factor that affects the price of the pool filter sand is the brand. Normally, the more popular the brand is, the more expensive it is in terms of its pricing. It is important for you to determine the type of pool filter sand that you need in terms of pricing and brand quality. It will save you a lot of money if you choose the most durable and effective pool filter sand that is available in the market.

Choose Size of Pool Filter Sand

There are a lot of factors to consider in choosing the size of pool filter sand that you will need in the swimming pool. For one, all the pool filters are being measured in terms of the amount of water that they can clean and the total amount of pool water in the swimming pool.

Once you already know the capacity of your filter and your pool, you need to select a filter that has the ability to clean a much bigger pool compared to the one in your home. This will ensure that the pool filter can work well with the amount of water that is in your swimming pool.


The pool filter sand will play a crucial role in maintaining the quality and the clarity of the pool water. Why buying pool filter sand in Lowes? Because it the place is the best alternative aside from the pool stores in buying high-quality and original pool filter sand to be used in cleaning and maintaining the quality of your pool water.


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