Filling Pool with Well Water

When you plan to have a swimming pool in your home, the most important factor to consider before giving it a go is the supply of pool water. When you have an abundant water supply, then half of the job is done and you will have a nice swimming pool in no time.

There are a lot of options when it comes to the water source of your swimming pool. You can have the water supply provided by your city or use a water delivery service to fill up your pool.

Filling pool with well water is another option but all of these water resources have corresponding advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed later. In this article, we will also be reviewing the different factors that affect when filling the swimming pool with natural well water.

Size of the Pool

The size of the pool will largely determine the amount of well water you needed in the swimming pool. The same factor will also tell how long the water can be transferred to the swimming pool if it will be filled to the fullest.

For example, the 5,000 gallons swimming pool will take about 9 hours if the speed of the transfer is at 540 gallons in an hour. The amount of time will be longer to larger and wider swimming pools.

Well Delivery Volume

The volume of the delivery will be determined by the capacity of the well in producing the needed water. If the well has a low supply of water, there is a higher tendency that it will run out of water in just a matter of time.

Current Water Table Supply

This factor is the current situation that your locality is experiencing that will affect the supply of water from your well. If you are is experiencing drought, there is a bigger chance that the well will be without water in no possible time. This should be considered and must be taken seriously as a pool owner.

Supply vs. Demand

This factor is in relation to the amount of water available in the well and the corresponding demands it should meet. If your well has other obligations aside from supplying water to your pool, make sure that there is enough supply of water that will meet the demand of everyone.

Are you Sharing the Water Table?

This is still related to the demand of the well as a source of your pool water. If you sharing it with other people, it is important to make sure that the supply of the water is enough to meet the needs of everyone. Or else you will have a dry swimming pool at the soonest possible time.

What to do if the water goes brown?

This is the most important factor to consider when having well water as a supply for the swimming pool. Always make sure to regularly check the color of the pool water as it has the tendency to change the color to brown. This is because will water is acidic and it is a must for you to constantly monitor it to avoid additional problems in the future.

Options for Filling an Above Ground Pool

Aside from the options earlier mentioned, there are actually 5 water sources that a pool owner can consider in determining the water supply of the swimming pool.

  • Your own water supply coming from the city or municipality

If you have access to the water supply coming from your city or municipality, then this good news for you. Usually, the water coming from the government is clean and high-quality.

  • Well Water

This water source largely depends on the availability of a well near to your home. If you have a place to use this, please make sure that the quality is good and there is enough supply of water coming from the well. If not, you will be spending a lot of your time treating the water that will make you spend a lot of money.

  • Well Water coming from a softener system

A well water which is coming from a softener system is another option but it will also depend on the presence of a well near your area.

  • Water from delivery service

It is probably one of the most expensive options, especially to new pool owners. However, on the positive side, water coming from the delivery service is clean and in high-quality as well. Since you are paying for it, it should be worth it but if you do not have the budget, just forget this option.

  • Water coming from the fire station

This is the least popular option and is not widely used today. It used to be a few years back but there are only a few pool owners who are using this as a viable option.

Expensive Municipal Water Versus Cheap Well Water

These two options for the water supply of your swimming pool is the most readily available in your home. In fact, most of the home nowadays has access to both the municipal water and the well water. The biggest question is which one will you choose?

The answer to the question will depend on several factors such as your preference and your budget. Remember that the water supplied by the municipality does not come cheap at all. Meanwhile, choosing the well water which is more affordable will also depend on its quality. If your well water is too acidic or metallic, you will probably spend more money on treating it rather than using and enjoying your swimming pool.

So, all these factors must be carefully examined before choosing the right water supply for your pool. After all, you as a pool owner will have the final say on the choices you will make.

What to do while the pool gets filled and what to do after?

When filling up the pool, it is a must for you to closely observe and be aware of the things that are happening. For one, you should see to it that there is less moisture coming around the pool during the transfer. It is also important that the liner is not loosening during that time.

It is also important to install all the top railings and the connectors of the swimming pool before it is filled. This is because it will be difficult to install all these pool accessories when the pool is already filled with water. For the water chemistry, it is advisable to conduct the test before transferring the water to make sure and learn the quality of the pool water.


  1. Why not just a hose?

Using a hose is an option when transferring water to the pool. However, it will take a lot of time and a lot of patience before filling up the swimming pool. On average, it may take you between 12-24 hours to successfully fill your pool with water using just a normal hose.

  1. What type of water will I receive?

The type of water you will receive will largely depend on your source whether it is coming from the well or other sources.

  1. What size tanker truck do you use?

It all depends on the availability of the tanker truck.

  1. What is the cost?

The cost of transferring water to your pool largely depends on the source of your pool water. If you are using a delivery service, then the amount will be more compares to transferring in well or the municipality water supply.

  1. How do I determine how much water I need?

It is all about knowing the capacity of your swimming pool. To know this, you need to determine the dimensions and the size of your pool before determining the amount of water you need.


Filling pool with well water is a choice that you can do if the water coming from the well is in good quality and clean. Or else you can choose other options available in your area. Well water is a risk because you will have the tendency to spend more money on treating the well water instead of just enjoying your swimming pool.

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